White sand experience of Sao beach

Bai Sao - the best beach in Phu Quoc island. Tourist infrastructure is relatively undeveloped in the beach area, so the nature is still wild here.

The beaches on the south east coast of the island are widely regarded as the most beautiful in Phu Quoc, although getting there is not so straightforward. Bai Sao is about 5 kms North of the southernmost town of An Thoi but the lack of road signs and the language barrier can make the trip a hit and miss affair.

Bai Sao vies with Bai Khem for the title of the most beautiful. Both have white sandy beaches and clear blue calm waters and are spectacular places to spend a lazy day or to take fishing or snorkeling tours...

From all the developed beaches on Phu Quoc Island, Sao Beach or Bãi Sao in Vietnamese, is the most beautiful one. White sand, palm trees, warm, crystal clear water, a few laid back beach bars and the opportunity to swim, ride a jetski or try some waterski.

Sao Beach is a curving stretch of fine, white sand with the occasional dark boulder jutting out - perfect for mermaiding around. All that is reachable over a bumpy dirtroad. As soon you break through the leafy green backdrop of jungle trees, you find yourself in paradise.

During the peak season from December to March it can become quite crowded though, but that doesn't change the fact that particularly the vibrant colours of the sand, water, sky and foliage create a tranquil vision of bliss.

Most people stay at their resorts and hotels on Long Beach and Sao Beach is the second sandy stretch of coast they get to see. Mainly because the tourdesk operators at the hotels offer day trips to the east coast. For those who love Sao Beach so much that they want to stay there, there is a selection of resorts at the the beaches' northern end.

If you want to go to this most paradisic Phu Quoc beach by yourself, you will need a taxi, motorbike or car with driver to get you there.

At the sandy, white shore you can enjoy the sun, order a cold beer and some fresh sea food and the gentle splash of waves of azure sea water is only interrupted by the occasional humming of a jetski.

Sao Beach is especially popular among families with children, because the warm water at the shore is shallow with no sudden drops and no dangerous rocks that mar the paradisic experience. Just fine, white sand between your toes. It is said that the northern stretch of the seven kilometer long shore is cleaner and more beautiful than the southern area, probably because the resorts there have staff to take care of the litter.