About 5 km from Duong Dong town to the east, turn right on the route Duong Dong - Ham Ninh, visitor will catch sight of Su Muon Pagoda - an ancient pagoda with unique architecture.

Ho Quoc Pagoda also know Chua Ho Quoc or Truc Lam Thien Vien. This is not only the biggest pagoda in Phu Quoc but also in Mekong.

"Dinh Cậu" on Phu Quoc, also called Cậu temple, Cậu rock or Cậu lighthouse is probably the most prominent landmark of Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island.

Coi Nguon Museum gives Phu Quoc overview. Located on a small hill on Tran Hung Dao Street in Duong Dong Town, the museum was established in 2009 by Huynh Phuoc Hue who has spent over 15 years collecti...

Dog racing is a recent arrival to Phu Quoc Island, stirring up interest among many residents and visitors.

Dubbed the "Kingdom of pepper", island of Phu Quoc is considered the largest pepper plants Mekong Delta. Phu Quoc pepper is seen as a local specialty and unique gift for tourists to Phu Quoc.

Duong Dong Market is the largest market in the pearl island and also home to purchase seafood most crowded in Phu Quoc

Located 20km northeast of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district, Ham Ninh village is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful daily life of local fishermen.

Ruou sim (wine made from sim fruit or Rose Myrtle) is popular with the many tourists visiting Phu Quoc Island as it delivers a fragrance and sour taste similar to cocktails

Phu Quoc Bee Farms are managed with criteria for clean, ecological and 100% organic, friendly natural habitat of honey bee and creating long-term benefits for the pollinators, especially honey bees an...

Phu Quoc prison, the hell on earth. The coconut tree prison which is also known as “Phu Quoc Prison” is located in An Thoi Village, Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc pearl farms are the real deal. When visiting some of Phu Quoc pearl farms, keep in mind that according to culture pearl specialists. Phu Quoc pearl is ranked as the world’s best kind: a must ...

Bai Sao - the best beach in Phu Quoc island. Tourist infrastructure is relatively undeveloped in the beach area, so the nature is still wild here.

Like wine in France and olive oil in Italy, fish sauce is the prized staple of Vietnam...

Forest walk in the national park Phu Quoc