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Car rental service, car rental in Phu Quoc Island of PTA Travel - meet the needs of traveling Phu Quoc, private schedule or picnic ... Car from 4 seats - 7 seats - 16 Seat - 29 seats - 35 seats - 45 seats.


➤ Hotline09 655 655 98 (Contact us for the best quotation)

➤ Adress3 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 4, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc car rental service to the airport, pier to Resort and Phu Quoc hotel according to your needs. Passenger cars run service in Phu Quoc Island is a new car, driver service enthusiasts, car rental stable and reasonable, meet all requirements of customers Phu tourist transportation services National.

  • Ensure absolute safety of people and luggage in the car.
  • Providing vehicles with the best quality, the car always ensure clean hygiene, more advanced facilities, entertainment, comfortable for travelers.
  • Attitude of the car driver dedicated, professional, courteous.
  • Commitment to service prices sent to customers is the cheapest in Phu Quoc.
  • Quick response on time.
  • Teams of drivers are well versed in all routes and serve customers in a friendly and enthusiastic way.


  • Many choices depend on the number of members of the delegation with the car from 4 seats - 7 seats - 16 seats - 29 seats - 35 seats - 45 seats, meeting all transportation needs, travel.
  • Sufficient information transparency to help customers make decisions immediately and be met immediately.
  • Opportunity to find the promotion cars at very favorable prices.
  • Contact in any way the customer can: Phone, internet, e-mail, SMS, chat or live. Just leave a message with the contact information, our counselors will actively contact you again.
  • Online, online or bank transfer, helping customers save time traveling.
  • The car we provide is always in line with what is committed in the contract.
  • Our professionally trained and well-trained drivers promise a pleasant journey and are an important part of a great trip for travelers.
  • A team of enthusiastic staff - professional.

We have scheduled a number of schedules for you to choose from, including exploring South Island, North Island, East Island, or renting by date, km, ..

You are a group, travel company please contact directly for preferential price. For more information please contact:


HCM Office: 1250 – 1252 Vo Van Kiet Street- Ward 10, District 5

Phu Quoc Office: 3 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 4, Duong Dong Town

Hotline: (+84)9 655 655 98 - Tel: +842973 97 66 99 | Fax: +842973 97 66 77 

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Inbound Tour Operator Licence No: 79-585/2015/TCDL-GP LHQT 

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