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How to buy good flight ticket in Phu Quoc? You just call 09 655 655 98 after 5 minutes you have booking code on all flights domestic and international flights.


➤ Hotline09 655 655 98 (Contact us for the best quotation)

➤ Adress3 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 4, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island

❖  After being assisted by a ticket agent. If you agree to buy a ticket, you can ask our support staff to book your ticket. You can pay cash, transfer or payment your card, then please give our staff your mobile phone number, email or address. Our staff will send you a ticket.

     +   Receiving Tickets via Mobile Phone: Receiving tickets by telephone is the most convenient method. You or your family will provide your mobile phone number to our staff, we will send you an e-ticket message.

     +   Receive ticket via email: You can request our support staff to send your ticket via Email. Then print the e-ticket.

     +   Receive a ticket via Express (secured postage): You can ask our staff to print the ticket and send it to you in case your flight is far away.

❖  What is flight e-ticket?

Electronic ticket is a form that is being applied at all ticket agents across the country. There are quite a lot of convenience when using this form, however, for those who are not clear or unfamiliar with e-ticket tickets will often be shy when using this form. Electronic plane tickets are a form of airfare purchase without the need to go to the ticket office, just call the booker and provide the necessary information about the itinerary, flight date and time. You will be provided with a fare, a Airline, after agreeing to the itinerary, you will receive a ticket code and just transfer to the ticket office and check the ticket by calling to Airlines to check.

Electronic ticket information will include the following information:

     +   Booking code.

     +   Ticket number, date of departure and place of issue.

     +   Customer name.

     +   Journey: flight number, carrier, date and time of landing, booking status.

     +   Payment information: fare details, taxes, surcharges and forms of payment.

     +   Conditions of ticket, baggage allowance ...

❖  For our staff to find cheap tickets and book tickets fast, as well as serve you convenient, before you buy the ticket you should prepare the following information:

     1. Customer name (person boarding), age, gender

         Flight dates (arrival and departure), airlines scheduled to fly

     2. Airport information (arrival and departure) (or city, state)

     3. Visa status, Passport, full identification, valid

     4. Date of birth, birth certificate of baby (if any)

     5. Expected to carry hand baggage (7kg), or consignment (20kg, 30kg)?

     6. Purpose of the trip (if international): migration, labor export, business travelers, visiting relatives, international students ...

     7. Tickets are available, there is no type, so you need to thoroughly understand the conditions of each type of fare when talking to employees.

Thank you and wish you a good flight!


HCM Office: 1250 – 1252 Vo Van Kiet Street- Ward 10, District 5

Phu Quoc Office: 3 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 4, Duong Dong Town

Hotline: (+84)9 655 655 98 - Tel: +842973 97 66 99 | Fax: +842973 97 66 77 

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Inbound Tour Operator Licence No: 79-585/2015/TCDL-GP LHQT 

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