Coffee Shop in Phu Quoc Island

Cool & Interseting coffee shop in Phu Quoc Island. There are many cafes in Phu Quoc that people can choose freely.

Each cup of coffee will be served with a glass of ice or tea green, also called tea, so you can drink (and also clean your mouth) after enjoying the coffee. The most popular types of coffee are black coffee (black coffee), iced coffee (coffee mixed with condensed milk and ice), or silver fudge (coffee mixed with ice, milk Thick and chocolate).

On every street in the city, there are cafes, which are suitable for all moods or social situations, and one can easily go to any pub to enjoy the drink and the space. trousers. From street cafes with simple tables and chairs. Up to the luxurious place is decorated in garden style with trees, water and a peaceful atmosphere, away from the noisy of the city.

1. La Caffe Deli 

Address : Tran Hung Dao Street near Dinh Cau Night Market.

Located on Tran Hung Dao at the roundabout, at the entrance to the night market beside Rainbow Divers, La Caffe Deli is a cosy nook with creative upcycled flair. Old chairs are adorned with new cushions, sewing tables have been repurposed into coffee tables while Willie Nelson CDs and an odd assortment of garage sale finds adorn the wall. It’s a lovely, friendly spot to watch Phu Quoc putter by while enjoying a fruit shake (20,000-40,000 dong) or something stronger – a shot of rum can be added to any juice for 30,000 dong. The food menu has Western mains such as pasta and burgers, for around 95,000 dong. The chalkboard sign says it’s open 24/7.

2. Light House Coffee

Address : 15 Tran Hung Dao Str, Group 7, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

A clean modern caffe servin a variety of coffee and non coffee related beverages. Grab a coffee and head on over to the hotel's rooftop for a spectacular view of the ocean and Duong Dong town.

3. Coffee Den Long

Address : Nguyen Trung Truc Street , Bai Thom Highway

A cool multi - storey coffee house set in a temple like setting. This is a great place to read or work on your laptop while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

4. Pho Bien Coffee 

Address : 2 Bach Dang St, Duong Dong

Located next to the Dinh Cau temple here you can get your regular Vietnamese coffee & fare but offering awesome views of the sea, sunset being the optimum time to visit!

5. Buddy - Ice Cream & Info Cafe

Address: 6 Bach Dang St, Duong Dong

Since 2005 helping visitors get reliable information about Phu Quoc while providing quality New Zealand Ice Cream, Italian coffee, all kinds of fantastic fresh salads as well as your comfort foods like Hamburgers, Fish & Chips, Juices, Smoothies & Milk Shakes.
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A perfect location to take in the sunset over the Marina while watching the local world go by especially with that ice cold beer, wine or cocktail of your choice!

6. Alanis Deli

Address: 98 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong

Alanis Coffee Deli is one of the places that you should drop by when travelling to Phu Quoc Island.

Alanis Coffee Deli offers various Italian Coffees, Frappes, Smoothies, Cakes and Snacks. It is located on the main road to International Duong To Airport and An Thoi Harbor.

This light, airy juice and coffee bar makes a refreshing stop for lunch or an afternoon snack. Chill on the lounges at the back as you treat yourself with the B52 - Irish Cream and dark rum over 3 scoops of ice-cream. The couches make this place relaxing and inviting.

7. Peach Coffee

Address : 100 Tran Hung Dao Street , Duong Dong Town , Phu Quoc

A lovely coffee place in Phu Quoc, one of the best and most beautiful cafe. It is located on Tran Hung Dao street, one of the main streets in Phu Quoc Island. There were many foreigners in this coffee place, it is more suitable for foreigners than Vietnamese people, all the menu contain English names, with Western style food & drink menus. Quite nice coffee cup, matcha blended is okay. Services are good.